Two-year-olds want to be independent and dependent at the same time because they are leaving the toddler phase and entering the preschool phase. Our Two-Year-Old classroom gives children a variety of choices and activities so that your child will have some power over their day, while also providing a more structured routine to enhance your child’s feeling of safety and security. We provide playful learning activities that are fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate.

Safety and Security

We work tirelessly to ensure that your child is safe while in our care. Our front door requires a code in order to enter, so we know that anyone entering our building is authorized. We strive to meet and exceed state sanitation standards by cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the classroom throughout the day, including the toys that the two-year-olds play with, the cots that they sleep on, and all other areas of the classroom.

All of our teachers are certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid. They have also undergone state-mandated background checks .

Curriculum and Milestones

Our Two-Year-Old curriculum consists of weekly themes that coincide with the rhythmic seasons of the year and other topics that your child can experience first-hand. Our curriculum touches on every area of child development.

The curriculum is aligned with Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessments, which is one of the most inclusive, extensive developmental assessment systems available. It focuses on development in key areas:

  • Social and Emotional Development – Children develop an understanding of their own emotions and the emotions of the people around them, including caregivers and other children. Children also learn how to engage in positive interactions with those around them using basic conflict resolution skills.
  • Physical Development – Children practice control and coordination through activities that focus on running, climbing, throwing, and kicking. They also develop fine motor skills through creative activities such as play dough, painting, and using scissors.
  • Language – Children gain an increase in vocabulary from theme-based discussions during short group activities.
  • Cognitive – Children learn problem solving, flexibility in thinking, and classification skills during playful small group activities.
  • Literacy – Children learn how to use and appreciate books, as well as learning the alphabet and how it is used. They also cultivate early writing skills.
  • Math – Children begin to understand the concepts of numbers and counting, as well as working to identify shapes and make comparisons between objects.

Through the use of playful activities during group times and free play, your child’s development will be enhanced in all of these areas.

Toilet Training

One of the biggest milestones a two-year-old meets is the ability to use the toilet. Our staff works in partnership with you, the parent, to make sure that you and your child are ready before beginning the process of toilet training. We also communicate with you daily about strategies and successes so that we can all be on the same page about the progress that is being made.

Parent Communication

We communicate with you in a variety of ways about your child’s day. Our staff will communicate with you during drop-off and pick-up times to let you know how your child’s day went, as well as to find out how their morning went and any significant information you have for them. We also communicate information through our daily forms, which tell you how your child ate and slept during the day, as well as toileting successes.

Outside Time

Your child will have ample opportunities to play on an outdoor playground designed specifically for their development, with materials for climbing, running, jumping, and throwing. We schedule outdoor time twice a day when the weather permits.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is an add-on program that teaches basic soccer skills and character development through a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Once you sign up for their program, your child will participate in a thirty minute Soccer Shots experience once a week. Click here to visit their website for more information about their program.