Toddlers are curious and want to experience everything. At Hester’s we design their day so they can learn and enjoy both active and quiet time — running and jumping, art and music activities, and listening to stories and looking at books.

Small muscle development is important as toddlers are learning to feed themselves, dress themselves and become more self-reliant. Puzzles, push button toys, and small building blocks encourage the refinement of their small motor skills, their beginning use of logic and their creativity.

Large muscle development is encouraged as toddlers learn to walk, run, climb, and ride toys. Our classrooms and playgrounds are well-equipped with riding toys, swings, push toys, sprinklers and swimming pools and more. Throwing balls or rolling them on the floor is a fun game for this age and works on hand and eye coordination and sharing.

Unlike adults, every toddler is a confident artist and musician and our teachers encourage the individual expression of every child.