Our Infant program is a combination of safe, loving care with just the right amount of stimulation and teaching. The Infant environment uses a Hester’s Curriculum which focuses on baby’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Safety and Security

We work tirelessly to ensure your child’s safety..Our front door requires a code in order to enter, so we know that anyone entering our building is authorized. We strive to meet and exceed state sanitation standards by cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the classroom throughout the day, including the toys that the babies play with and ultimately put in their mouths.

All of our teachers are certified in Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, and have received training about SIDS. They have also undergone state-mandated background checks.

Responsive Care

An infant can begin in our care starting at six weeks of age. Each family is required to complete an infant feeding schedule to inform our staff about your child’s unique diet and feeding routines. This allows us to be responsive to your child’s personal rhythms and schedule.


Our curriculum focuses on your baby’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development through play. Infants need ample time throughout the day to explore their environment, and we plan learning experiences throughout the day that help them with their development. We tailor our curriculum to the needs of each individual child, because learning needs are so diverse at this age.

Sign Language

We use the Baby Sign Language Program to teach infants sign language. Focusing on one sign a month, we work to teach them how to communicate their wants and needs, an important component of social/emotional development.

Outdoor Time

Your baby will enjoy daily outdoor time on our shaded patio. We provide toys and activities for the infants to explore outside during days when the weather permits.