The Crawlers class introduces a class routine while keeping the individual needs of each child a priority. It also provides more space to move and explore for children who are beginning to crawl and walk, as well as a safe and secure atmosphere.

Safety and Security

We work tirelessly to ensure that your child is safe while in our care. Our front door requires a code in order to enter, so we know that anyone entering our building is authorized. We strive to meet and exceed state sanitation standards by cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the classroom throughout the day, including the toys that the children play with and ultimately put in their mouths.

All of our teachers are certified in Infant/Child CPR, First Aid, and have received training about SIDS. They have also undergone state-mandated background checks.

Responsive Care

The Crawlers class introduces a class routine while keeping the individual needs of each child a priority. The introduction of a class schedule allows predictability and a feeling of security.


Our Crawlers curriculum consists of weekly themes that coincide with the rhythmic seasons of the year and other topics that your child can experience first-hand. Through our curriculum we teach:

  • Language Development – Your child will learn language development through the use of stories and songs, finger plays, and simple conversations;
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills – Your child will be in a classroom that has ample space and materials for exploring and building the muscles needed for walking and climbing;
  • Social and Emotional Skills – As children develop the skills needed to explore their environment more fully, they begin to have increasingly complex interactions with the people around them. Your child will learn how to have positive interactions with everyone around them through our program.

Our Crawler curriculum is aligned with Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessments, which is one of the most inclusive, extensive development assessment systems available.

Outside Time

Your child will have ample opportunities to play on an outdoor playground designed specifically for their development, with materials for swinging, climbing, and building their muscles for walking. We schedule outdoor time twice a day when the weather permits.

Baby Sign Language

We use the Baby Sign Language Program to teach Crawlers sign language. Building on the sign language skills that are taught in the Infant classroom, we teach one new sign a week and review signs that have already been learned while in conversation each day.